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What oils are the best for dry nails? Get the Best Answer

Wearing a beautiful manicure is impossible if the nails are not strong and healthy, as breakages, stretch marks and extreme fragility prevents them from looking good. In spite of restoring the hydration of the nails by affecting positive cosmetics, in numerous cases this is insufficient because our nails need certain nutrients and vitamins that these products do not contain.

And in this, the contribution offered by some natural oils that are ideal for hardening the nails and taking care of their aesthetics is relevant. Take note of the best oils for dry nails and learn to use them properly.

Steps to follow:

Olive oil

In nail care, olive oil is a great product to strengthen them naturally. Not only does it hydrate and favor its growth, but it prevents the appearance of stretch marks and reduces the chances of them being broken and looking bad.

The best trick is to dip the nails for 10 minutes in a container that contains a little olive oil, so the effect will be much more direct and immediate. Perform the treatment twice a week until you see that your nails are well hydrated and beautiful.

Castor oil

This is another of the best natural oils for nails and cuticles. Its high content of vitamin E is beneficial to also hydrate the cuticles and improve the overall appearance of the hands. It is advised you to add a few drops of castor oil to your usual hardener or apply it directly on the surface of the nails directly.

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Almonds oil

Almond oil is indicated to achieve more silky skin and combat dry hair, but also to harden and moisturize the nails. To apply it, the ideal is to pour a few drops of the oil on a cotton disk and rub it along the contour of the nail.

Rosemary essential oil

Very appreciated in aromatherapy, rosemary essential oil is also a good natural remedy to have stronger and more beautiful nails. To make this oil, you will only need a little rosemary and olive oil, discover the recipe in the article How to make homemade rosemary oil and take advantage of its many properties for your health and body well-being.

There are other natural best oils for fingernails, like these natural oils, will help you maintain strong and healthy nails.