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The notion of manicure comes from the French manicure, a word that is formed with the Latin menus (which translates as “hand”) and the termination of the pedicure (that is, “pedicure”). The term has three meanings, all linked to the same subject.

The overview of a basic nail manicure is to care for and beautify the fingernails is called manicure. Similarly, the person who performs this task is called work and the job in question.

It can be said that manicure consists of a cosmetic treatment of the hands, especially the nails, which are filed, cut and painted. Although it is a very old practice, with more than 5,000 years of history, in recent times its popularity grew thanks to the advice and ideas that are disseminated through social networks.

The manicure can be carried out in a specialized place (with the work of an expert) or at the household level. There are those who even perform the manicure themselves.

Hand and nail care may include hot oil treatments to soften and clean the cuticles and paraffin wax to moisturize the skin. The so-called French manicure, on the other hand, involves the placement of artificial nails that usually combine a pink with white tone at the tip.

On the other hand, a manicure (or a manicure, in its male version) is a professional whose occupation is to attend and groom the hands and nails. Also called manicurist, he usually works in hairdressers and beauty centers.

What types of manicures?

It is manicure in paraffin; a rehabilitating manicure can increase and improve circulation in the hands. It is also indicated for dry skin. The Hot stone manicure is especially indicated for the relaxation and care of your hands.

types of manicures

During the manicure, the hands are massaged and moistened just like a normal manicure. However, this is included in basic manicure, in this type of manicure the massage is performed with two hot stones that are placed on the top of the hands.

The experience aspires for relaxing the person and reduces their stress. The spa manicure can include many treatments, including paraffin immersion. What makes the manicure spa different is that it usually a basic manicure consists of aromatic massages with salts or hand hydrating masks, in addition to other treatments. In the manicure spa massage, hands and forearms are rubbed with salt.

Then a hot towel is placed on them to help penetrate better. After washing your hands, a hand moisturizing mask is applied. Finally, a cuticle treatment, cutting, filing and nail polish is applied. The basic manicure could be said to be the basis of all manicures