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How can you take care of my feet naturally? Your Right Steps

To strengthen your feet, do not hesitate to make ankle rotations and walk barefoot or on tiptoe at home. Also, massage the area and improve circulation to take care of my feet naturally, you can use a rubber ball.

Everyone tends to take care of hair, hands and face, but the feet seem to always be relegated. This should not be so: they are the support of the body and should be the first to be spoiled. In addition, they are the ones who most resent walking and wearing shoes. Meet the best home remedies for healthy feet.

The feet, your root

Many claim that the feet are a fundamental part of the human body. They are the ones that sustain us and at the same time, the ones that allow us to go from one place to another.

Nature has endowed us with strong and strong feet, but that does not mean that they do not resent. It is very common to have them cracked, with calluses or with blisters.

Beyond having the nails painted in combination with the swimsuit, the truth is that the feet need much more attention than are offered periodically. Sure you will first think of your hair, then your face and, finally, your hands. The feet will be in at least a fourth place.

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Home remedies for perfect feet

In addition to the previous tricks, this foot care at home remedies for feet will work wonders for you to look beautiful all year round:

Exfoliate your feet with a special cream

You just have to take any cream you use and add two tablespoons of sugar. With this preparation, massage the heels to eliminate dead cells by friction.

Make a homemade banana cream

Bananas have healing powers for your feet. You only have to mix two in the blender until a paste forms and apply on your heels after bathing. Leave the paste 10 minutes and remove with warm water; Repeat this process once a week.

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Use vegetable oil

You may not like the feeling at first, but you should keep in mind that it is very effective for dry or cracked feet. Once you wash them and dry well, put your feet in a bowl with hydrogenated oil; then cover them with thick socks all night. This trick will eliminate dead cells; you can do it up to three times a week.

Lemon and Vaseline Juice

The mixture of lemon juice and petroleum jelly is a wonderful remedy for dry and cracked feet. After washing, apply this combination.

Massages with salt, avocado oil and peppermint oil

Mix two handfuls of salt with three tablespoons of avocado oil and two drops of peppermint oil. Massage your feet with this for three minutes and then put them in warm water, to remove the preparation completely. In addition to eliminating harnesses, with this remedy you will avoid the bad smell.